Win A Jeff Cooper Diamond Engagement Ring

Win A Jeff Cooper Diamond Engagement Ring

How To Buy An Engagement Ring On A Budget

How To Buy An Engagement Ring On A Budget

Las Vegas is host to thousands of weddings every year. And that means that many of you are wanting to know how to buy and engagement ring on a budget. If you’ve read the news lately you may have seen that some major jewelry stores are dealing with nightmares. Why?  because they have not taken good care of their customers. So we wanted to share some engagement ring buying tips that will help.

T-Bird Jewels get calls all the time from people who have found us because they are having trouble finding quality diamonds, or the sales person of another store tries to push them past their budget and they are frustrated. So if you are shopping for the perfect engagement ring this guide may help. And if you have any questions at all call us at 702-256-3900. OR Book An Appointment  Now.  or visit us

Tip #1

Set Your Budget.

We know setting a budget is not very sexy. But neither is falling in love with a $20,000 ring if  you really only want to spend $5,000. If you have a lower budget you can save the 20K ring for an anniversary. But regardless of your engagement ring budget if you have a jeweler that you trust you should be able to find something you love.

Just because you have a budget doesn’t mean that you can find a diamond ring that’s amazing. Here is one of our T-Bird Jewels brides to be and her stunning ring. This ring was under $3,000 and she loves it!

Tip #2

Pick your engagement ring setting
before you choose your diamond center stone.

We’ve had brides walk into our store and shout “That’s it!’ And that thrills us of course. But you may want a more customized experience. You may want changes to your style or the setting. So choose your engagement ring setting before you pick your center stone. Otherwise you may use your entire budget on your stone and then end up overspending on your perfect setting.

Tip #3

Find a jeweler that you trust.

We won’t mention names but diamonds have been big news lately. From people being sold fake or bad diamonds to brides who’s rings were ruined. Find a jeweler that you trust. T-Bird Jewels has been in business for over 50 years and we have a reputation for the best customer service in the industry. You should haven’t to be afraid when buying your diamonds. So call someone you can trust.

Custom Jewelry Design Services

Custom Jewelry Design Services

Custom Jewelry Design Services

If you are looking for custom jewelry design the let our experts create something spectacular for you. We can also redesign and Repair your precious family heirlooms. With an extensive collection of precious gemstones, semi-precious stones, pearls, and precious metals if you can dream it we can create it.

When it comes to jewelry repairs we have exacting standards to matching any missing diamonds or precious stones to those in your piece. Rest assured that your jewelry, while being serviced at T-Bird Jewels  is safely secured and insured.


State of the Art CAD/CAM Custom Jewelry Design

It’s very important to us that we offer the latest technology when it comes to aspects of designing your jewelry. We now use  Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing also known as  CAD/CAM

With this state-of-the-art technology, T-Bird Jewelers designs virtual 3D jewelry on-screen and creates photo-realistic images of your custom-designed piece. This amazing computer software gives you the opportunity to experience your custom design in 3D and actually see your design before it’s finished. Every beautiful detail.

With our state of the art technology we give us the opportunity to make enhancements or evolve your vision on screen. So you know exactly what your piece will be before it’s actually made.

We invite you to stop into our Summerlin Jewelry Store location and take a tour  to experience fine jewelry design in real-time using the new state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology. Click on our video below and see how we can help you build the wedding band of your dreams.

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