From the inventor of the Princess cut and the Quadrillion cut comes a dramatic departure from traditional notions of a diamonds visual properties: fire, scintillation, and brilliance. Fire is the flashes of color, scintillation is the play between black and white, and brilliance is the brightness. While other cuts have focused on scintillation and brilliance, Bez Realized that prismatic fire is what gives a diamond it’s life.

The most unique quality of a diamond is how it breaks the light, so to highlight this he designed a cut with fewer, larger facets. Bigger facets result in more fire. Correct angles keep the stone white and brilliant.

A flash of fire can only be as big as the facet that creates it. The Blaze cut has seventeen facets, while most cuts have over fifty facets. This means the Blaze cut produces bursts of vivid colors five times larger than any other diamond cut. The Blaze cut maximizes a diamond’s natural fire on every facet.



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