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May 14, 2021

Few companies can claim to be as legendary in the field of horological innovation as Breitling, and now you too can discover collections available at T-Bird Jewels.

Breitling. It’s a name that evokes brilliance and innovation. As a watchmaker that has stood the tests of time for nearly 150 years, Breitling has carved out a legacy of impeccable quality and bold design choices. Breitling watches are incredibly engineered with precision and accuracy at top of mind. Pilots swear by these watches because they are not only incredibly reliable, but their technical innovation has never stopped or slowed in their quest for horological perfection. Even today, Breitling watches are highly sought-after for their sophisticated elegance, precision timing, durable bodies, and unmatched quality.


Leon Breitling was first granted a patent for his chronograph in 1889. Streamlined to make it more dynamic, easy to manufacture and repair as well as accessible to the market, this watch became but the first in a long line of technical innovations. A skilled watchmaker, Leon’s inventive mind created many complications for his pocket watches that earned his company a fearsome reputation in its field. While Leon passed away in 1914, his spirit of technical revolution has been carried on in Breitling’s research and development unit, staffed by the best and brightest minds in watchmaking. In 1952, this resulted in the development of the Navitimer, a watch that began the company's storied association with aviation. To this day, the company continues its legacy of quality and innovation by working with only the most ethical suppliers, and putting each of their watches through a stringent series of tests before they get to bear the Breitling name.


While Breitling may have started with a focus on chronographs, today the company produces many of the world’s most coveted wristwatches. This is perhaps best exemplified by the Navitimer, a watch with a high-flying legacy that few others could match. For nearly seven decades, the Navitimer has been chosen by pilots the world over for its exceptionally accurate timing and flight-specific slide rule. Designed with durability in mind, this watch is a bold and rugged choice for any adventurer with lofty goals. While Navitimer remains their flagship pilot watch, it is far from Breitling’s only contribution to the field. A contemporary iteration of some of Breitling’s most historically successful pilot watches, the Aviator 8 series is a more sleek innovation, designed to the same level of durability and stress-testing that has made the Navitimer so successful.


Not content to have their watches be loved by pilots around the world, Breitling developed a watch that would be just as at home beneath the waves. Developed in 1957, the SuperOcean was created with professional divers and military personnel in mind.

A precision timepiece is absolutely necessary when diving, to keep from descending or ascending too quickly, and of course to keep track of how much air one has left in the tank. Sporty and beautiful while still remaining luxurious, the Superocean has a dedicated following among enthusiasts and leisure divers alike today.


While one can find Breitling far above and far below the streets, it would be a mistake to think this brand doesn’t concern itself with the day to day. Designed to be every bit as rugged as it’s more adventurous cousins, the Chronomat was released in 1984 to celebrate a century of excellence.

A return to its roots for Breitling, the Chronomat is a mechanical chronograph designed with the rigors of city life in mind. Beautiful and luxurious, this stylish watch will look equally at home whether in a boardroom or the beach. This watch will be a steadfast companion no matter what your busy life has in store.


T-Bird Jewels has been a legend among Las Vegas for more than fifty years. A Las Vegas jewelry store with a list of celebrity clientele, T-bird knows luxury like few others could hope to. That’s why we’re proud to offer Breitling among our collection of mens watches. Visit us online or in person today, and experience the luxury for yourself.

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