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There are many styles of timepieces, each made with a specific philosophy in mind. Some are built to brave the wilds, a few are meant to be as bold and brilliant as possible, and then there are dress watches. They fill a special role in one’s wardrobe and differentiate themselves from other timepieces. Dress watches are designed to be worn with a fashionable suit or formal wear on a black-tie or professional occasion. More specifically, they are meant to accentuate one’s attire, serving to add a touch of finery rather than a glamorous spectacle.


Dress watches have slender, elegant silhouettes. They are designed to have a subtle and understated appearance. In order to achieve this, dress watches have thinner bands and smaller cases. Many even use unusually shaped cases, like the tonneau (or barrel-shaped). Aesthetically, they tend to use minimalist dials and few, if any, complications. Dress watches are meant to hide under a sleeve if need be, and be a comfortable and fashionable way to tell time. If they were too bulky, they would stick out and be an unnecessary distraction from the beauty of the suit.


Dress watches are forged in a variety of high-end materials, used in ingenious and elegant ways. Their straps are usually made of leather, specifically alligator. Calfskin is considered less ideal in dress watches due to its bright color. Milanese steel is used for its strength as well as its sophisticated appearance that makes it an excellent choice. Meanwhile, the case is typically made of rose or yellow gold, but platinum and white gold are not uncommon. Diamonds are occasionally used as accents, but only in moderation so as not to take away from the watch's subtlety.


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