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Caring for your fine accessories can be complicated. Fixing wear-and-tear can be even more complex and stressful. These marvelous pieces are immensely valuable, so any repairs, custom designs, and appraisals can be nerve-wracking. You are, after all, trusting someone else with these unforgettable treasures. At T-Bird Jewels, we receive many questions about services, and our experts have put together a guide to the most common ones we receive. If your query is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The difficult parts of the custom design process are handled by us, allowing you to focus on designing your dream jewelry. After youreserve an appointmentwith us, you will attend a personalized consultation with our staff. Together, you and our team will use advanced technology like CAD software to create a wax prototype piece. Once you clear the design, we will start crafting the piece as soon as possible. After around 4-6 weeks depending on the piece's complexity and our backorder.

Yes, all of our appraisals come with detailed reports. If there are gemstones included in the piece, our in-house gemologists can grade them in accordance with industry standards. You can use these reports for insurance, estate matters, investment purposes, and much more. If you require anything non-standard, make sure to let us know so that we can include it in the report.

Yes. Whether you bring in a necklace, engagement ring, earring, bracelet, or wedding band, our goldsmiths are more than capable of practically fixing any problem. Well-trained and experienced, they have precise and trustworthy hands. Our professionals at T-Bird Jewels work with all precious metals and gemstones. They will be able to assess what repairs will need to be made and how expensive it will be through a free estimate.

Ultimately, it depends on the type of repair. A simple ring resizing takes much less time than a complete timepiece overhaul. Repairing your treasure could take anywhere from minutes to weeks. For an accurate time frame, it is essential to get an estimate to allow you to properly adjust your expectations. At T-Bird Jewels, we offer free repair estimates to determine how long they will take so that you can plan accordingly. We do not want you to be without your jewelry for too long, but we also want to ensure that we have completed all the points on our checklist to upkeep the integrity of your pieces.

Watches are complex and marvelous, which is a significant part of their appeal, but their machinery is delicate. While made of metal, there are many enemies that damage the tiny gears and springs inside the case, so it is important to have them inspected and repaired often. At T-Bird, we have a master watchmaker on staff with 50 years of experience. He is more than capable of repairing your favorite watches. Passionate and inspired, his long breadth of training and skill ensures that he can tackle even the most challenging issues.

Timepieces should be brought in for servicing every five to seven years. This is because the watch movements rely upon oils that must be replenished by an expert. They should be taken in for polishing and cleaning twice yearly; dirt, grime, and scratches naturally accumulate on every timepiece. Jewelry – especially engagement rings – must be taken to a jeweler once a year for proper ultrasonic cleaning. Some warranties also require you to take your accessories to a jeweler every set number of months, or the warranty will be voided. Therefore, you should consult your warrenty’s policies to determine how often you should take in your pieces.

Our experts are well-equipped to restore timepieces and jewelry. The cost and time frame vary, depending on the extent of the repairs and the parts that need to be replaced, if any. A free estimate can provide you with all that information.

ConteFor decades,T-Bird Jewelshas been working to maintain Las Vegas’ reputation as the world's most luxurious and spectacular city. Our fantastic team of top-notch and highly esteemed professionals ensures that all of our services are done with precision and expertise, while our extensive jewelry and timepiece selection is peerlessly varied and marvelous. No matter your jewelry needs, have them fulfilled at T-Bird Jewels. Call (702) 256-3900 to speak directly with a staff member or emailInfo@TBirdJewels.comfor the answers to all your questions.nt

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