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If you are looking to have your jewelry appraised it’s vital that you make sure the person conducting the jewelry appraisal is qualified and experienced. This is not as simple as some believe. Why? Sadly, the jewelry industry is filled with people who claim to be qualified in the standards of jewelry appraisal but they are not.

Some of the reasons you may stop in and ask T-Bird Jewels to conduct an appraisal are:

  • Insurance replacement: obtaining an accurate and detailed report to ensure proper value and replacement in case of theft. Did you know if your jewelry is not appraised correctly you will NOT receive the proper value should your item become stolen?
  • Divorce, Collateral: to obtain a professional report suitable for submission in court
  • Estate Tax, Donation, Casualty Loss: an IRS compliant reports that will provide assistance in tax filing
  • Equitable Distribution: providing information to allow for equitable division of collections to family
  • Liquidation: research secondary markets to inform and assist in selling of assets

At T-Bird Jewels our team of qualified Certified Gemologist Appraisers make up some of the most experienced jewelry appraisers in all of Las Vegas. We understand how valuable your investments are, so we are always looking out for you.

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