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High-quality watches exist at the intersection of precise functionality and stylistic luxury. Since the creation of the first wristwatch, technological and mechanical innovations have allowed for increased precision and a plethora of advanced complications, which refers to anything a watch can perform besides the telling of the minute and hour. These feats of functional genius are crafted from top-tier materials to ensure the wearer can enjoy their beauty and service for years, even generations, to come. We carefully curate our selection of watches in our T-Bird Jewels showroom to reflect our commitment to and passion for craftsmanship and artistry. 


We are proud to house watch collections by two of the most celebrated names in watchmaking in our showroom. One of these is Breitling, a watchmaker known for reliability, precision, and striking aesthetics. Having created men’s watches for over a century, this designer has influenced fashion and timekeeping. Every watch this brand produces is made of the highest quality. Pilots, divers, and athletes prefer multi-functional watches from Breitling, as each piece is held to inscrutable standards of excellence. Our customers are ever pleased by purchasing these visually striking and trustworthy timepieces. No matt

T-Bird Jewels also houses several collections of watches by the Swiss brand Oris. Swiss watches are said to be the pinnacle of watchmaking, and Oris timepieces are no exception. These watches are innovative yet timeless, with distinctive designs that are ever-fashionable. Only a handful of Swiss brands solely produce mechanical watches, and they have certainly perfected this form. Supremely functioning and beautifully designed, timepieces by Oris are guaranteed to satisfy many aesthetic preferences and lifestyles. You can rest assured that your purchase will last a lifetime when selecting an attractive Oris watch. 


Let T-Bird Jewels be your destination for designer timepieces of unparalleled quality and exceptional customer service every time. Our Las Vegas jewelry store is home to an impeccable selection of watches which our team of friendly and experienced personnel would be happy to guide you through. Whether you are seeking a piece to kick off your collection or a rare piece to add to your already established collection, we are confident you will find what you are looking for in our inventory. Feel free to schedule an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our team members or browse our selection online.

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