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The center stone is the focal point of any engagement ring. The stone’s silhouette sets the overall tone. While picking the diamond shape is one of the most important decisions to make, each diamond cut has a distinct appeal and its own set of unique characteristics.


A timeless choice, the round cut diamond is the most popular center stone for engagement rings. Often referred to as the round brilliant, the facets are cut with pinpoint precision, ensuring maximum luminosity. Diamond cutters have worked for over a hundred years on achieving the ideal round cut diamond. Round cut rings are a classic choice for brides, however, because of the stone’s popularity, there are endless choices in settings to find the perfect style. 


Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular choice behind the round cut. The diamond’s dynamic square shape is a daring choice for the contemporary bride. The princess cut has the brilliance of the round, with the added benefit of being chic and bold. Add even more sparkle by pairing the center stone with a glittering halo. The three-stone ring is also a lovely choice, with each stone representing the past, present, and future in love. 


Oval cut diamonds are similar to the brilliant round, with the difference being that the shape is elongated. The oval diamond is elegant, featuring soft, round edges and, thanks to the increase in surface area, a brilliance that surpasses the classic round. Oval cut rings shine in a solitaire setting, but they also look glamorous set gracefully on a diamond-adorned band. It is the ideal choice for the bride that wants the benefits of the round cut but with a distinctive look. 


Emerald cut diamonds are sought after because the step cut provides an irresistible sparkle due to the long parallel facets running across the length of the diamond. This sophisticated diamond shape is unique, making up only three percent of diamonds in the world. Emerald cut rings immediately give off a vintage aesthetic, however, modern brides continue to fall in love with this style every year. Whether paired with similarly distinguished baguette side stones or left bare in a solitaire setting, an emerald cut ring is one for the ages.  


Soaring in popularity, the pear shaped diamond holds the most unique silhouette. While one end is rounded, the other ends in a point. This unusual choice is well-loved because of its striking yet graceful appearance. Pear shaped diamonds have an added customization, unlike any other shape—brides can decide whether they wear the stone pointed up or down. This cut is ideally paired with a similarly distinctive band like a split shank design or an infinity band. For those that have a more extravagant style, a halo will soften the sharp edges of this cut and enhance its brilliance.

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