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Luxury watches are more than just stylish timekeepers. These intricate machines have a multitude of complications that add more functions and tools to the stylish item that can complete an outfit. Our team at T-Bird Jewels has put together a guide to the most common watch complications so that you know the vocabulary before shopping for a new watch.


Professionals in well-maintained jewelry stores will always be able to educate you on different industry terms you may not know, but knowing before entering the store is helpful to the watch-picking process. Below are the definitions of several common watch complications that will be great tools for your daily timepiece.

  • Day-Date: Shows the current day of the week along with the calendar date. This is typically set by twisting the crown in a particular direction.
  • Month: This takes the date complication a step further by displaying the current month.
  • Perpetual Calendar: A complex calendar complication that displays the month, date, day, and year while also keeping track of leap years as well.
  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): Fantastic for travelers, a GMT displays a second time zone on a subdial on the face of a watch or with a 24-hour hand. Easily tell what time it is in a different area while maintaining the time of the zone you’re in.
  • Chronograph: A stopwatch function that can be stopped, started, and reset with a click of a button on the side of the watch's case.
  • Moonphase Complication: Used by sailors to gauge the tides once upon a time, a moonphase shows whether the moon is full, new, waning, or waxing in an aesthetically pleasing display on the dial.
  • Power Reserve Indicator: Found in mechanical watches, a power reserve shows how many days or hours of power you have left in the tension of the mainspring and display.
  • Jumping Hour: Shows the hour on an aperture and changes every 60 minutes.
  • Alarm: This allows you to set a specific time for an alarm to go off without messing up the precision of the current time.
  • Minute Repeater: Common in the 18th and 19th centuries pocket watches, a lever will chime the time. This complication is generally now only produced as a nostalgic complication for collectors.
  • Tourbillon: Created by A.L. Breguet, this keeps the watch better balanced to maintain precision and eliminate errors caused by gravity and watch position.


Our professional team at T-Bird Jewels will be overjoyed to assist you in finding your next luxury watch. We house incredible watchmakers that create a multitude of timepieces with complications that will be helpful for your daily life no matter your lifestyle. Visit our Las Vegas jewelry store to shop in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

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