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Birthstones have been used for thousands of years, with many civilizations believing that specific stones could imbue the wearer with certain powers. While in ancient times the color was more important than the stone itself, nowadays, the American Gemstone society has created a definitive list of birthstones and their corresponding months. These vivid gemstones make the perfect gift for a loved one, as they are both personal and beautiful.


Garnets are most often known for their deep, red coloring. However, it is found in almost every color, like the orange Mandarin Garnet or the soothing green of the Tsavorite Garnet. Most red garnets are officially known as the Pyrope Garnet and represent great friendship and trust.


Amethysts are a variety of quartz that range in tones of purple. They can be a deep violet or a soft lilac; sometimes even within the same stone. The soothing appearance of the stone is said to relieve anxiety and promote calmness.


Aquamarine is a fitting stone for the beginning of spring. This blue gemstone is said to represent hope, youth, and health. Its soft blue tones vary from the deep blue of an ocean to the soothing shallows of the sea. These rich tones work well for spring and summer fashion pieces, but have recently appeared in winter fashions as well.


White diamonds are the most popular and common type; however, April’s birthstone comes in a rainbow of colors. Fresh yellow, deep blue, and youthful pink are all naturally found in diamond mines. Unsurprisingly, diamonds are associated with love and eternity, which is one of the reasons that makes them a popular gift to give to a special someone.


The verdant green of emeralds is a match made in heaven for the May flowers that bloom after a dreary winter. A rare gemstone typically mined in only four countries, emeralds are said to represent rebirth and love. For centuries it has been revered as a symbol of beauty and hope.


People born in June can claim two gems as their birthstone. The eternally elegant pearl is one of the most ancient stones that has remained popular for thousands of years across cultures and nations. Alexandrite is a rare, dynamic gemstone that changes color depending on which direction the light hits the surface.


Rubies are the most valuable stone on the market. For years it has been known as the King of Gems; its vivid red coloring is said to give the wearer good luck and fortune. Rubies are a popular gift between loves as their fiery tones denote a passionate love.


Peridot is the traditional birthstone for August. The fresh yellow-green gem is found in extreme environments like meteorites and lava. Ancient Egyptians referred to it as the “gem of the sun,” as its yellowish hues were believed to have harvested the power of nature and could protect them from dangers in the nighttime. Spinel is a new addition to the birthstones guide. A true chameleon, spinel comes in all types of colors; however, intense, fiery red is the most popular form.


Sapphires are famous for their deep blue tones, but it has been found in other colors like pink, yellow, and green. Throughout history, blue sapphires were used by the upper class for many different reasons. In Ancient Greece, it was said to protect the wearer from harm. While in the Middle Ages, priests often wore them as symbols of heaven. To gift someone a sapphire is to wish the receiver good health, joy, and prosperity.


Those lucky enough to be born in October have two birthstones. Tourmaline is popular because it comes in every color and hue one could imagine. Delicate opal is a true one-of-a-kind experience. The firework display of flashing rainbows under the opal’s surface is known as “play-of-color,” and it is unique to each stone.


November’s gemstones are the embodiment of fall with their warm orange and red colors. Citrine is believed to be a gift from the sun and the warm hues of the stone are said to help with healing. While Topaz can come in various colors, Imperial Topaz’s vibrant orange is the most popular choice.


All three of December’s birthstones have cool blue tones, an ideal accompaniment for winter fashion. Blue Zircon is the most popular color and can help bring guidance to the wearer. Tanzanite’s smooth blue with purple overtones makes for a dynamic gemstone like no other. Finally, Turquoise ranges from green to blue, opaque to semi-translucent. Its most striking characteristic is the blackish veins that run through the stone.

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