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Now is the time to pop the question with a breathtaking engagement ring. The highlight of every proposal, it’s important to find a special ring that represents you and your partner. Luckily, designers have made personalizing an engagement ring easier with the various style options to choose from. Discover some of the most popular ring settings to get a feel of what each style has to offer.


Ideal for the traditional or minimalist bride-to-be, the solitaire ring is the most popular option on the market today. Solitaire rings house a single center diamond. The bands are usually unadorned or feature very subtle detailing in order to emphasize the center stone. Because of the setting’s understated appearance, it’s easier to splurge on a higher carat diamond. Depending on the wearer's personal style, the solitaire ring can be minimal or extravagant, with some designs featuring hidden diamond details.


Side stone engagement rings feature both the center stone and smaller stones along the shank. Additional stones are utilized to complement the center diamond and are positioned to draw the gaze towards it, elevating the appearance of a simple ring to one that is ravishing. Styles range from delicately laid diamonds and intricate designs in the metalwork to diamond-heavy rings. When customizing this option, you can choose between multiple setting types, such as prong, pavé, and channel.


A truly remarkable silhouette, the halo engagement ring is known for creating optimal brilliance. The center stone is encircled by smaller diamonds in a halo setting. This also gives the illusion of a larger stone. Another benefit of the halo ring is its ability to soften the look of marquise cut diamonds and other rigid cuts. The halo can be found in several unique design elements, like the hidden halo which is set below the center stone.


Three stone rings are a traditional style that is popular amongst couples with each stone commonly known for representing the “past, present, and future” of your love story. This ring allows for lots of creativity as you can mix and match different precious gems of varying sizes or colors. Be traditional by pairing similar diamonds together for a uniformed appearance, or go bold with vibrant side gemstones, like sapphires, in pear or baguette cuts for a modern geometric feel.

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