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February 10, 2021

Looking for new jewelry to add to your collection? Discover Tacori, a breathtaking designer known for evocative jewelry found in a variety of California-Chic collections.

From engagements to anniversaries, Tacori has delightful treasures awaiting you. Established in 1979, Tacori has been a family-owned business since its commencement, bringing together the passion and skills of its founders—Haig and Gilda Tacorian. Their ancestors’ long history in jewelry design began in California where it flourished and became a thriving successful establishment in the jewelry industry.

Tacori jewelry designers offer a wide variety of exceptional one of a kind engagement rings and wedding bands for both men and women, and an exquisite variety of handcrafted jewelry. Their use of multi-colored gold, platinum, and silver blends together with precious gemstones to create a look that is undeniably Tacori.


As stated before, Tacori comes straight from the hearts of Gilda and Haig Tacorian -- two co-founders who collaborated to create remarkable jewelry with beauty and grace. The iconic company was established with Romanian roots, and their team specializes in designing pieces with a vintage flair, bringing a little whisper of their heritage and culture to America.

Tacori paved their way in the jewelry business by empowering their products to stand in contrast to what the jewelry industry was contributing at the time. After the couple tied the knot, they founded Tacori in downtown Los Angeles’ world-renowned jewelry district. The rest, as they say, is history.

Among their many landmark achievements is the effort they have expended to advance their innovative aesthetic. An instrumental player Mr. Garo Kourounian, who helped develop the Crescent Silhouette which is one of the iconic aspects in Tacori’s line of fashion jewelry.

The founding couple’s children eventually grew into their role as heirs to the unforgettable Tacori legacy. With such a huge impact on the jewelry industry, you can see celebrities like Katie Holmes, Ellen Pompeo as well as Nicolette Sheridan sporting rings from their vast engagement collections.


Tacori engagement rings are distinguished by their commitment to opulence which can be classified as a very extensive collection. Their dignified status becomes apparent when viewing the RoyalT collection, which are exquisite masterpieces of their work. In these rings, ornate silky platinum shanks hold precious diamonds no less than two carats and are supported by a cascade of dazzling side diamonds that will take your breath away.

Turning Tacori engagement rings on their side, you will notice the iconic crescent pavilion that was created to symbolize hidden hearts. The highly popular Milgrain beading delivers an additional sparkle that will complement any gemstone and bring brilliance to any ring design.

For brides looking for that classic engagement ring style, the charismatic Simply Tacori collection is a must-see option. These attractive rings are sophisticated and glimmer with brilliance to create a breathtaking engagement ring for many soon-to-be brides this upcoming year.

Fashion Jewelry from Tacori

With Tacori’s tendency to incorporate diamonds with platinum, it may be surprising to see many of their fashion jewelry collections feature sterling silver and an array of colored gemstones to accompany the design. Their collections include stunning bracelets to exceptional necklaces, eye-catching earrings, and their specialty one of a kind engagement rings.

Within their collections, they feature precious stones such as Blue Topaz, Peridot, Amethyst, as well as Tourmaline which brings their unique jewelry a fresh look for the new year. Additionally, their 18K gold collection brings some element of opulence to their final creation.

Tacori’s beautiful catalog of bridal, wedding, and fashion jewelry is unrivalled by alternatives in the jewelry market today. Whether you are looking for a simplistic or show-stopping piece of jewelry to enhance your collection, you are guaranteed to find it within Tacori’s collections.


One of the best aspects about Tacori wedding bands is that they encapsulate the best traits Tacori has to offer while in a slim, majestic frame. Tacori crescents are ever-present in these unique bands, like the Adoration line, you can see that their wedding bands are very distinct with their crescent hearts on display.

Tacori’s designs can be found in men’s wedding bands as well. If you are interested in finding coordinating wedding bands, explore Tacori’s ring sets, where their men’s and women’s pieces enrich bezel-set diamonds.


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