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November 05, 2021

Picking out the engagement ring you will propose with this holiday season is no small decision. Let our professionals at T-Bird Jewels help guide you to the hottest trends in engagement rings to stay fashionable.


If a proposal is in your near future this holiday season, then you must be on the hunt for the ring that will best suit your love and adhere to current fashion. This year’s engagement ring trends are focused on blends of bright colors, brilliant attention-seekers, and delicate but stackable bands that fit together just like you and your love. Our exceptional staff at T-Bird Jewels will happily guide you towards the ring that fits the style and personality of your significant other and meets our standard of incredible luxury quality.


With a romantic flair and warm tones, rose gold rings exude a modern, feminine feel that fits both classic and dramatic designs. The sweet charm of the pink metal has a long history, but has recently had a resurgence of popularity with many well-known designers for engagement rings. The cool brilliance of diamonds set in a rose gold band creates a gorgeous and contemporary contrast.


Sometimes the center stone is only the starting point for the sparkle to really take off with your engagement ring. Hidden halos under the center stone add brilliance from every angle. The placement of the hidden halo brings a dramatic vivacity to a solitaire ring with an unadorned band. Halos around the accent stones have also been popular this winter. An engagement ring is meant to be seen, and a halo brings additional glimmer to any ring.


Trends for center stone shapes change over the years, and the distinct characteristics of each cut bring their own unique beauty. Ovals have been a favored center stone for the past few years with their curved feminine elegance that looks stunning alone or with the support of a halo or side stones.

Marquise cut stones are a favorite for accent stones, but make for a lovely center stone for three stone rings or as a solitaire in a prong setting. The long lines of emerald cut stones display sophistication and style in any setting. Elongated center stones give more surface area to reflect the brilliance in whichever ring you decide upon.


There has been a growing trend in recent years toward more nontraditional, colorful engagement ring gemstones. Colored diamonds are a fun way to personalize your ring. Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are popular choices, with rarer choices like tanzanite also appearing in many jewelry stores. Gemstones can hold special meanings for you and your partner that you may want to feature in the symbol of the next step in your journey together.


An engagement ring with a thin band will immediately make the center stone appear larger and more bold. While a thinner band adds a delicacy to your ring, it does not limit the intricacies your ring may hold. You may decide to contrast this type of engagement ring with a wider wedding band, or by stacking anniversary bands of varied weight and style.


T-Bird Jewels is dedicated to bringing luxury bridal and fashion jewelry to beautiful Las Vegas. We’ve been family-owned and operated since 1962 when we started in the Thunderbird Hotel, and have since been known for the exceptional service we provide all who visit our Las Vegas jewelry store. Our professional staff is ready to take care of your luxury jewelry needs and get you ready to say, “I do.” Contact us to set up an appointment, or browse our inventory online today.

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