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March 20, 2023

Discover the vibrant jewelry of Fana at T-Bird Jewels in Las Vegas, Nevada.


At T-Bird Jewels, we are proud to offer many designer brands with the same lively and luxurious energy as Las Vegas. Fana is one such brand. Their gemstone jewelry is remarkable and enchanting with elaborate displays of sparkle and color. From stunning ruby earrings to sublime emerald fashion rings, their accessories enliven any ensemble. Fana’s bridal jewelry is just as fantastic. Their engagement rings and weddings exhibit distinctive diamond arrays. Learn more about this wonderful designer with Fana.


Fana is a family-owned and operated company founded in 1982. Their culture of excellence, daring creativity, and prolific design ensures that their jewelry is always beautiful. All of their gemstones are exclusively made with the highest quality stones – less than 1% of the gems they inspect are deemed worthy. The metals they use are similarly high-quality; they use only gold and platinum with the former being completely nickel-free.


Pendants provide a large canvas for Fana to imbue with gemstones are artistic details. Since they are often the first part of one’s outfit to be noticed, a mesmerizing and luxurious pendant is essential for the most fashion-forward ensembles. This designer’s marvelous necklaces are available in both the Color Fashion and Diamond Fashions varieties. Most accessory styles by this brand are divided into these categories.

This ruby and diamond circle pendant features passionate rubies and brilliant diamonds set in a circular arrangement, all put together with regal rose gold. Such a radiant combination results in a fantastic and enchanting glamor. Meanwhile, this diamond star pendant has a stellar spectacle. It's a flashy and attention-getting piece adept for any occasion.


A bracelet can serve to spruce up any outfit in all settings. Be they bangles or cuffs, their elegant and sophisticated accentuating style makes them a perfect companion. Fana imbues them with colorful gemstones to give them a glamorous flair.

This emerald and white gold bracelet sports two layers of verdant gemstones accented by brilliant diamonds and bright white gold. Its loose silhouette gives it a dynamic and lively design. Want a more understated piece? Try this rose gold and diamond bangle. It has an understated design portraying a plethora of diamonds.


Fana’s bridal jewelry is just as fantastic as their fashion accessories, comprising romantic engagement rings and superb wedding bands. Both varieties exhibit the distinctive, signature talent and creativity the New York brand offers.

This diamond vintage inspired band has delicate beading and an eccentric shape. Its exhilarating detailed style imparts an unusual statement-making romance. Fana’s engagement rings are similarly delightful, as shown in this three stone emerald diamond ring. It showcases several emerald and round cut diamonds.


For Fana and other designer jewelry brands, head to T-Bird Jewels to browse the best. Our Las Vegas jewelry store was first established in the Thunderbird Hotel decades ago. Ever since, we have been providing Nevada with the finest accessories from renowned brands. We love our community and are fiercely committed to giving our guests the highest-quality service and selection. Want to know more about Fana and other designers in our selection? Call (702) 256-3900 to speak directly with our team.

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