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September 20, 2021

Getting ready for a date with someone special? We have you covered with the latest jewelry styles that will help you shine from head to toe.


Whether it’s your first date or four-hundredth, you want to look and feel your best! Accessorizing with designer jewelry that hits all the latest trends is a great way to look great and have fun while doing it. T-Bird Jewels offers a diverse selection of jewelry from the top designers in the industry, making it easy to find a piece that will highlight your individual style. Keep reading for tips on how to accessorize to make your night that much better.


Dressing for the occasion is important when choosing your date night look! If you’re going somewhere more relaxed like dinner and a movie, opt for something understated. If you are getting dressed to the nines, your jewelry should match the excitement of the night with vibrant diamond or gemstone pieces.

Amp up the allure of a casual date with a few glittering jewelry accessories. This sterling silver black diamond necklace from Tacori is the perfect addition. Pair it with dark wash jeans and a cropped white blouse for a classic look that never fails.

Whether dining at a high-end restaurant or dancing the night away at a rooftop bar, go for something a bit more opulent like these pink sapphire drop earrings from Spark Creations. Feel flirty and bold as the striking gemstones and diamond accents shimmer all night long.


What happens if you have a surprise date night? Think minimal yet chic. While it is utterly romantic for your partner to plan a surprise date, sometimes dressing for the occasion gets a little tricky. Luckily, you have a few options that easily can be dressed up and down.

Tacori jewelry is one of the best places to start looking for versatile jewelry staples. These chain link open hoops are on-trend and unique. Hoops carry an air of confidence, making them a date night favorite. Pair this with a ribbed shift dress for an effortless style.


Jewelry has the potential to be a great conversation starter. Go with something a bit bolder that draws your date in and has them asking 20 questions! Explore a variety of options to find a piece of jewelry that resonates with you and shows off your own unique personality.

This snake-inspired gold ring from KC Designs is a quirky and fun piece that will grab attention and open up conversations. Jewelry with motifs that represent you are a great way to personalize your look.

For those with a free spirit or a connection with nature, opt for this butterfly diamond fashion ring! Symbols of nature are commonly found in jewelry collections from petals and leaves to vines and animals. Let your natural goddess shine through with an expressive nature-inspired jewelry design.


Feeling confident and comfortable is key when going out on a date. So choose jewelry that reflects your best features! This will give a glamorous boost to whatever fabulous outfit you already have picked out.

If you love your jawline or think your eyes might be your best feature, opt for a beautiful statement earring to draw attention to these features. Wearing your hair slicked back from your face with a bold earring like this gorgeous pair of drop earrings from Tacori’s Ivy lane collection will ensure that attention is drawn exactly where you want it!

If you love to highlight your chest and neck region, opt for layering dainty necklaces that highlight your décolletage without overwhelming the area!


Getting dressed for date night is almost as fun as the date itself with brilliant accessories from T-Bird Jewels. Use this guide to find the pieces that speak to your style and soul the most. To browse these styles and find more on-trend jewelry, explore our extensive online jewelry selection or visit our Las Vegas jewelry store today!

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