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June 05, 2022

Don a timepiece with practical complications and complimentary style from T-Bird Jewels in Las Vegas to accessorize your outdoor adventure looks this year.


This summer, enjoy your local town or travel to somewhere you have always wanted to see. Las Vegas is known as America’s Playground, and there are many activities for friends, couples, and families that will allow them to have a fantastic time. Stay on time with an incredible watch that will match your style and help your journey with useful tools. Our talented team at T-Bird Jewels selected some watches that will serve as striking accents and tools to have with you outside this year.


Just because you are going on a fishing or camping trip does not mean you need to sacrifice your style to be fully prepared. Several designers create watches that will look exquisite at a special event and have the durability to be worn when rock climbing.

This stunning Breitling SuperOcean for women has a white rubber strap that will stay in place during active moments and then looks great enough to wear to the mall with friends. This multitasking model will be a great watch to wear every day.


For your summer vacation, reserve a scenic helicopter ride. With an incredible view, it is sure to spice up our summer. Take this time to show off your Oris ProPilot watch from one of the numerous models under this watch family by this esteemed brand.

Since the dawn of aviation, these watches boast the most cutting-edge technology within their mechanics, along with designs that are sleek and ready for the cockpit. With straps in various materials from leather to stainless steel to nylon to NATO, these watches utilize Oris’ signature style while remaining modern.


While enjoying everything that the outdoors offers, you still want to look your best and feel confident about whatever you are wearing. This Breitling Chronomat has a stainless steel case and strap that will withstand your adventures while still looking fabulous.

This watch is excellent due to its complications and ability to adapt to any situation. Whether you are a runner or take long trips into the wilderness, a Breitling will maintain its functionality and remain a beautiful design for watches.


Summertime is synonymous with beach trips, hanging out around the pool, and other ways to cool off. Las Vegas summers are hot, and jumping into the water is a refreshing and relaxing pastime for many. There is no need to worry about your luxury watch not working in the water when you are wearing an Oris Divers watch.

With a variety of models under this family of watches by this watchmaker, there is sure to be a piece in this collection that will accent your adventures perfectly this summer. Pick a model with a comfortable strap in a color scheme you prefer to match your aesthetic.


Make T-Bird Jewels your destination for exceptional timepieces that will keep up with your summer plans no matter what outdoor activities you end up exploring. Our trained professionals will walk you through our extensive selection of luxurious, durable, and beautiful watches.

With a range of professional services, we will be able to take care of your timepieces and jewelry for a lifetime. Visit our Las Vegas showroom to find your next watch and begin your relationship with our establishment.

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