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November 20, 2021

Glittering gifts of luxury jewelry is a heart-warming present to receive for the holidays. T-Bird Jewels has the guide to gifts for every style.


Everyone wants to give a memorable gift, and your family and friends deserve the best gifts this holiday season. We’ve put together this guide to help you buy luxury jewelry to have everyone sparkling and smiling no matter what their personal style may be.


Pearls and diamonds never really go out of style, and both are great options for winter with their icy and snowy tones. For the person in your life with a love for the classics will relish a pair of drop pearl earrings with modern African pearls. Diamond studs with rose gold settings are the right blend of warm and cool that they are sure to love.


Accessories with organic floral detail are in style this season and make a fittinggift for the Bohemian at heart. Why wait for spring to roll back around when you can have a garden-inspired bracelet, earrings, or flower pendants to show off during winter? A floral piece of jewelry will bring its wearer a natural glow and will have them smiling at the thought you put into the gift.


A minimalist aesthetic doesn’t mean that they dislike accessories, but that they carefully curate what few items they wear and how the overall outfit is affected by the pieces they choose. Selecting an elegant pendant necklace is a fantastic way to show your loved one that you care. Long chain necklaces are another versatile style to give this season.


Sentimental people love to keep their memories close at hand. Make it easy by gifting them a cherished charm bracelet or lovely pendant necklace. They’ll appreciate the care you took to choose a meaningful piece of jewelry that they can wear regularly.


The eclectic person in your life likes to play by their own rules, but always remains fashionable. Stackable bracelets, gold necklaces, and chunky chains allow for a multitude of ways to uniquely pair jewelry together to make their custom look. Buying a piece of jewelry similar to pieces you’ve already seen them wear is a safe way to make sure your gift will be a hit.


Friends and family who love the spotlight can rejoice in this fashion season’s jewelry trends. Bold, bright, and dramatic pieces are here to spice up winter wardrobes. As we all slowly start venturing back into social spaces, your loved one will make a splash in a gemstone statement ring, dynamic dangle earrings, or a colorful pendant. They’ll be excited to get dressed up with your gift and feel absolutely fabulous.


With a history of serving the famous and elite of Las Vegas since 1962, we treat every customer with the exclusive VIP treatment that people have come to expect from a shopping experience at T-Bird Jewels. Our skilled team can guide you through our fantastic selection of fine watches and luxury jewelry to find the perfect pieces for everyone on your gift list. Stop by our showroom or schedule an appointment for our undivided attention to your needs.

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