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April 08, 2024

In the current market of fine jewelry, 14k gold bangle bracelets are considered among the most sophisticated because of how fine and valuable they look. Choosing the finest piece of jewelry elevates your overall look, and in this regard, a 14k gold bracelet is enough to make your wrist look decent and classy. 





If you are wondering how to understand the actual worth of your 14k gold bracelets, there are some factors that you should know; make sure to read them through to the end: 




First things first, to understand the actual worth of your gold bangle bracelet, you should know how much pure form of gold is in this; pure gold has more weight it has. In the case of a 14k gold bangle bracelet, it is not purely gold, yet it is mixed metal with gold to make it much stronger. When we are weighing the gold, the design or other material doesn't matter; only the grams of gold used in it. 


24k gold is the purest form of gold and is very expensive. Hence, the heavier the bracelet, the more expensive it will be, and vice versa. However, if you think this would make your 14k gold bangle bracelet any less worthy, you need to be corrected. Gold prices go up and down all the time, and 14k gold bracelets are still worth a lot. 





There are a lot of factors that affect the weight of your 14k gold bangle bracelet; one of them is how it is manufactured: machine-made or handmade. And if you guessed that handmade bangle bracelets are more expensive, then you are right. Handmade craftsmanship requires a lot of time and unique skills. It takes a lot of effort to complete one elegant piece of gold bracelet. Handmade bangle bracelets are usually more exceptional as compared to machine-made ones. 


On the other hand, machine-made bangle bracelets are quite cheap because they require less effort, time, and labour. However, machine-made jewelry is relatively more fine, subtle, flawless, and smooth. 




The price of a bangle bracelet is also affected by its design. The more detailed, complex or unique the design, the more expensive it will eventually be. This is because a simple bracelet takes much less time and effort than twisted and more complex ones. 


Then, there are custom-made designs, which are the most expensive. These require extra care, effort, and time to meet customers' requirements and sentiments. Hence, it is safer to say that the worth of a 14k gold bangle bracelet is not only determined by the gold used in it but also by how complex and unique its design is. 


In addition to those, if there are some gemstones on your bangle bracelet, then they tend to appear more expensive. The cost of the bracelet also depends upon the size, quality, and type of the gemstones.  


The worth of any 14k gold bangle bracelet also depends on the brand you choose to trust. Always make sure to buy from a brand with an excellent reputation, unique designs, and better customer service than others available in the market. 


Choosing the finest brand will make your jewelry-buying experience much more accessible. A good jewelry brand will value their customers' time and money and will surely introduce you to the finest piece of jewelry that will perfectly match their customers' requirements. 


Some brands are known to provide their customers with better quality products, and simultaneously, their prices are pretty high. However, it would help if you decided whether you want fine-quality jewelry or want to save some money. We advise you to invest in better hands, so you won't regret it later. 





Q1. How Do I Tell If The Bangle Bracelet Is 14k? 


The simplest way is to check the engraved letters on the inside of any bracelet. Gold jewelry comes with its manufacturer's initials and gold karat engraved in it. This way, you can easily tell the pure gold present inside the gold bangle bracelet. 


Q2. Can We Customize Our 14k Gold Bangle Bracelet? 


The answer to this question is yes. Yes, you can customize your 14k gold bangle bracelet. However, not all jewelry brands offer this option. The customization of your bangle bracelet depends on the brand you choose to trust and buy your jewelry from. 


Q3. How Do I Find The Perfect Size Of A 14k Bangle Bracelet For My Wrist?


Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the size of your wrist where you intend to wear your bangle bracelet. However, jewelry retailing shops have their experts and size charts available, who can help you determine the appropriate size of jewelry to enhance your overall look. 






In conclusion, the actual worth of a bangle bracelet depends on many factors, not only the karats of gold. However, the sentiments and quality of the 14k gold bangle bracelet hold more significance than money. 

Now that you know how much a 14k gold bracelet worths and how it elevates your overall look, it is time to choose the jewelry brand you can trust. Our ultimate choice is T Bird Jewels. If you are looking to enhance your jewelry hunting experience, look no further—we have you covered. You can visit them now, so what are you waiting for? Go and grab your 14k gold bangle bracelets now!




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