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December 20, 2021

Get ready to plan your wedding and choose the perfect wedding date with help from this guide from T-Bird Jewels.


You want your wedding day to be perfect. The culmination of months, even years, of planning. Getting married is one of the highest peaks in life’s mountain range, one that will be seen regardless of where one stands. When you climb that peak, you are going to want to be in the perfect spot. The weather should be perfect and all of the details should be in place. We have gathered some tips to make sure that your wedding is successfully memorable.


The first question is to contemplate your priorities: what’s more important, the date or the venue? Do you dream about the where or the when? If it’s the former, see what dates are available at your ideal venue. Since it is at least nice enough to be your ideal, there is probably someone else who thinks it is perfect too, so secure a date before you miss out.

Make sure that you have enough time to plan the wedding! If you pick the date before the venue, it at least gives you a countdown clock to when everything needs to be completed.


Anniversaries are romantic. There are gifts given and special date nights experienced. On anniversaries people think about love, their relationship, and their place in the universe. As a result, they make a perfect date to have your wedding. Not only is this day a milestone in years, but it’s a milestone in life.

This has the added effect of giving people more to talk about during speeches as well as something to write in the program. As a date that is already important to your relationship, remembering when your wedding anniversary is will be simplified to only one date.


Ever hear the term wedding season? That phrase exists because some times are more desirable than others. Times around holidays and certain months are especially popular. This increases demand and due to limited supply prices go up. If money is a concern, choose a month that is less common. This does not mean that these times are “inferior,” just less commonly booked for weddings. Early October is a wonderful time, even though it is outside the typical time for weddings.


There are dates that should be avoided because, for one reason or another, they are romantically inappropriate. Tax Day, for example, can be stressful and is not the most fun date to choose. Holding your wedding on Tax Day could lead to having anxiety, especially if there are any accountants in the wedding. Indigeneous Peoples’ Day and Memorial Day may be similarly inappropriate, depending on the crowd. Some religions also have holidays with restrictions, such as Lent, so keep those in mind if you want chicken or pork during the reception.


Destination weddings are lovely, but make sure to research weather and local customs. Going to the Caribbean during hurricane season might end up being the worst decision of your life, so make sure that you plan accordingly. If you do decide to book a wedding anyway, make sure there’s a plan B.


T-Bird Jewels is a verifiable Las Vegas institution. We have been proud sponsors of the community since 1962. In addition to supporting many local charities such as Keep Memory Alive and Golden Rainbow, we are the official jeweler of the Las Vegas Knights. We carry a large selection of the finest bridal jewelry and fashion pieces, including pieces by designers like Tudor, KC Designs, Tacori, Triton, and our in-house collections of jewelry. We also offer services like jewelry repair at our establishment. Contact our showroom at (702) 256-3900, browse our website, and make sure to stop by one of our beautiful locations.

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