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October 05, 2022

Give your loved one the perfect present for their lifestyle with this jewelry and watch gift guide from T-Bird Jewels in Las Vegas, Nevada.


When giving the gift of jewelry, it’s vital to choose a piece that matches their lifestyle. Whatever their hobbies or interests, if it melds well with their lives, they are more likely to wear it. At T-Bird Jewels, we offer plenty of timepieces and jewelry in a boundless variety of styles to ensure that everyone can find an accessory that suits them perfectly. With this guide, you’re guaranteed to find something unforgettable for those you care about.


For many, the office is a second home. The fast-paced lifestyle of a professional can be deeply fulfilling, and productivity can become a passion. When it comes to accessories, they require two things: formal fashion and efficiency. Pieces that are too casual can come off as disrespectful or inappropriate, while accessories that are overly extravagant can get in the way and distract the wearer.

Watches are an essential accessory for professionals. Not only do they provide a variety of helpful timekeeping abilities, but they also communicate that the wearer values their time. The Seiko Luxe watch is a gorgeous gift for a professional. Its versatile array of colors within the collection will make these pieces quick to pair with an outfit. Meanwhile, the chronograph ensures that no meeting is too long.

For jewelry, it’s important that an item conveys influence without overpowering one’s communication. Diamond stud earrings do just that, exhibiting a radiant beauty in a small, versatile package. Try these Tacori The Ivy Lane diamond studs. They have a fantastic contemporary silhouette and a mesmerizing diamond arrangement.


Athletes view exercise differently. To them, working out is more than just working out: it’s a lifestyle. Daily trips to the gym are followed by a carefully chosen meal plus extensive research on state-of-the-art fitness equipment and techniques. Accessories are an integral part of an athletic hobbyist’s routine. Some can elevate the experience by providing a plethora of features.

When buying an athlete a timepiece, you’ll want to make sure it can stand the elements. Sweat is salty and can harm some delicate pieces, while the heat can warp or damage intricate machinery. You will also want to make sure the watch has a chronograph, so they can track their progress and exercises. This Oris Aquis Chronograph watch will do just fine. The dial is also made of gorgeous recycled materials, making the timepiece sustainably sourced.

Buying jewelry for athletes may seem daunting, but this is not so. What they’ll want is something small, unobtrusive, and durable. A bracelet from a collection by Hulci Belluni Tresore will be a delicate yet gorgeous gift for someone you care about.


Few lives are as stressful and busy as that of a student. When they aren’t hurrying from class to class, they’re heading off into the nightlife or organization meetings. Students typically prefer casual accessories with a distinctive aesthetic. They should stand out by exhibiting unusual details and motifs rather than glamorous diamonds.

For watches, consider giving a student this Oris Big Crown Pointer Date watch. This beautiful timepiece has Arabic numerals on the indices in a large typeface. It is quick and easy to read. Meanwhile, the attractive blue dial looks exceptional against the stainless steel case. A calfskin leather strap gives it a promise of luxurious style. Its luminosity hands glow in the dark, making it a sublime nighttime companion.

This Simon G. SG gold chain necklace showcases a trendy, large-link glamor. While it embodies a gorgeous minimalist style, the high-quality gold evokes a fashion-forward vibrance. It is truly extraordinary off and on campus.


Many thrive in the complexities of their social life. Whether they’re a proud event host or simply someone exhilarated by nightlife, such a lifestyle requires an impressive conversation-starting accessory. There are several options available well-suited for every kind of socialite, ensuring that everyone can express their unique personality.

Watch enthusiasts should consider a colorful and unusual timepiece. This Oris Divers Sixty-Five watch is a great example. It has a sophisticated but playful sky-blue dial and band. The bronze case is unusual but striking, allowing for a vivid and spectacular accessory. Meanwhile, the textile strap creates a luxurious comfort essential even if the wearer is busy hosting.

Look chic and fashion-forward with a 14k gold Brevani paper clip pendant necklace. Its contemporary links and attention to detail with the horizontal pendant. Surrounded by diamonds along the precious meta, the oblong detail is peerlessly radiant and regal. Long necklaces like this are ideal for socialites, as they can combine them with other styles to create a distinctive, layered necklace aesthetic.


When people think of remote workers, they likely imagine people working at home in their pajamas. This is often true, but not always. Many people are on video for countless meetings via webcam. As such, it’s important to wear pieces that spruce up one visage. Moreover, timepieces can be a constant reminder

Since watches aren’t a major part of one’s webcam presence, the wearer can focus on practical needs. This Norqain Adventure Sport watch is an exceptional choice for remote workers. Its high-quality rubber strap is attractive but comfortable, while the blue-gray color pairing is a classic. What makes it perfect for remote workers is the GMT complication, which lets the watch see the hour and minute in multiple time zones.

For the remote worker on cam, this Brevani star and moon dia necklace will do just fine. These large, yellow gold hoop earrings are highly visible and glamorous. They’ll add a fantastic touch of shine and style to one’s electronic visage.


Some people have an unquenchable thirst for victory. Whether it’s on the board or the monitor, games present an opportunity for challenge and competition. More games are generally ideal gifts, but what do you give the person who has everything?

If you’d like to give them a timepiece, consider this Oris Limited Edition watch. It has an enchanting, distinctive dial with a contemporary moonphase complication. The hues on the dial remind one of the northern lights, well-accentuated by the stainless steel case and bracelet. It may not have much to do with gaming, but it's colorful design tends toward the modern aesthetic they love.

Roll dice in style with a luxurious Marco Bicego combination of brushed metal earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from the Jaipur Link collections. The 18k yellow gold creates a dazzling, breathtaking, chic look. The flexible chain makes it easy to move one’s wrist about, making it suitable for fashionable folks who like to play the board. Textured metal is currently en vogue, but also represent a classic style beloved for generations.



At T-Bird Jewels, we love Las Vegas and strive to maintain its iconic image of the pinnacle of luxury. Our vast selection of timepieces and jewelry ensures that visitors and locals alike find something wonderful at our jewelry store. We have been in business since 1962, when we first opened our doors at the Thunderbird Hotel. Today, you’ll find us in Tivoli Village. In addition to selling accessories, we also have professional jewelry services like jewelry and watch repair. You can even design your own jewelry with help from the T-Bird goldsmiths. Want to know more about our Las Vegas, Nevada jewelry store? Call (702) 256-3900 to find out more. Alternatively, reserve an appointment with us for a personalized shopping experience with our staff.

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