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December 25, 2021

Learn how to wear various jewelry styles for a wonderful dinner date with fantastic pieces at T-Bird Jewels.


The reservations have been set for weeks. You spent extra time getting ready for a delicious evening with a fun date at one of your favorite restaurants. You are finishing getting dressed when your stomach starts to rumble. When you check the mirror before leaving, your outfit looks incomplete. What about jewelry? You could always go without or throw on an old favorite, but where is the style in that? With this handy guide from our jewelry experts, the next dinner date you have planned will already have jewelry incorporated into your outfit from our helpful tips.


Necklaces are a must for any dinner date. Think about the angle. The person sitting across from the table will be focused on your portrait. There are a plethora of options for necklaces out there from simplistic silver chains to complex diamond arrangements.

This Tacori Gemma Bloom Necklace is a balanced piece. It sports a marvelous blue topaz gem encircled by two rings of sterling silver that will match almost any ensemble. This necklace says something but not too much. It is elegant without being too modest. Its materials are precious and beautiful without being intimidatingly luxurious.


Earrings may even be more noticeable than a necklace at a dinner table angle, so they are certainly worth extra care. They provide flair and brilliance to your face. Diamonds rise to the challenge. Their brilliant quality and the fact that they are always in style are an objective plus. How best to wear them without too much spectacle? Enter the diamond stud.

These Tacori Crescent Cove Earrings are a paragon of worthy dinner date jewelry. Their playful yet sophisticated wave design will not steal the show, but they will help steal hearts. With curved lines of glittering diamonds and absolutely beautiful sterling silver, they provide an enchanting touch.


Dinner is often accompanied by an evening show; either on a stage or in a cinema. If so, you may wish to bring something more sparkly. This is a fine time to wear a fashion ring. This accessory can bring a sparkling spotlight to an otherwise pretty but unremarkable outfit.

This Meira T Fashion Ring is a colorful ring with a glowing charm. This ring utilizes an opal as a center stone surrounded by a halo of daring and dazzling diamonds. Perhaps more unusual is that this ring features two distinct halos. Spectacular and luxurious, this ring is a true show-stopper if there ever was one.


You deserve the best, which is why you deserve T-Bird Jewels. We have a wide selection of the finest necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and a myriad of other luxury goods. Ever since our 1962 origins in the Thunderbird Hotel, we have been a pillar of the Las Vegas community. Not only do local and international celebrities count us among their favorites, but we also support numerous Las Vegas charities and programs. To learn more, visit our website and call our showroom at (702) 256-3900. 

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