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July 20, 2022

Make this National Girlfriend Day better than ever with luxurious jewelry from T-Bird Jewels in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Sure, some people might say that National Girlfriend Day is a little excessive, but what better way to show appreciation than with a holiday? Few people observe this special day, making it all the better to stop and send someone a signal of love. Like always, jewelry is a premier present. Discover the best jewelry to give your girlfriend with this helpful guide from our team at T-Bird Jewels.


There’s nothing more romantic than a heart symbol. Ever since it was depicted in the 13th-century romance “Romance of the Pear,” it has instantly evoked images of love and affection. For the wearer, it also shows that they are likely taken. This is because many believe that heart jewelry is usually bought with the intention of gift giving. Necklaces are an especially good way to exhibit a heart, as they are located pretty close to the real thing.

In spite of their deceptively simplistic premise, jewelry designers have made all sorts of heart necklaces. This 14k gold heart necklace has not one, but two hearts. This makes the necklace a bit more romantic, symbolizing the bond between two hearts like the giver and the receiver. The necklace is further elevated by the addition of brilliant diamonds.


Stud earrings are the ultimate everyday accessory. Their small size makes them easy to wear and pair with other outfits. It’s important to incorporate more noticeable features like gemstones into studs, so as to lend these earrings a little more spectacle despite their small size. This can complement your profile with a vibrant pop of color and light.

For National Girlfriend Day, we advise something with feminine tones if your girlfriend appreciates them. These 18 rose gold and pink quartz studs are exquisite. Their delightful pink hue is truly captivating, perfect for expressing love and appreciation. For someone who prefers blues and less-feminine colors, these sterling silver and blue topaz stud earrings are sophisticated and elegant.


Fashion rings are an excellent way to state your intentions. While they are not engagement rings, they can remind someone that the possibility exists. Just make sure that, while giving it to them, you do nott get on one knee. That would be extremely uncomfortable. Another great thing about fashion rings is that they can be worn with other rings. That increases the chances they will be worn, guaranteeing your place in their heart.

Get them something regal for National Girlfriend Day like this sapphire halo fashion ring. The deep blue sapphire has an aura of beauty and glamor, made all the more brilliant by a layer of dazzling diamonds. For a more understated look, this sterling silver, quartz, and turquoise fashion ring is an excellent option. Its classy tones make it ideal for anyone who opts for the less spectacular option.


If you are in Las Vegas, head to our iconic jewelry store T-Bird Jewels. Since our humble origins in the Thunderbird Hotel, we have been keeping this legendary city fashionable from our magnificent showroom. We have all of today’s most beloved designer jewelry brands to ensure every customer leaves with their dreams come true. Call us at (702) 256-3900 or email us at to speak with one of our staff.

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