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May 20, 2022

Discover the finest fashion jewelry trends for summer 2022 at T-Bird Jewels in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.


America’s playground, Las Vegas is known for the glamor and thrill of nightlife that never stops. Your style will keep going with the hottest fashions to hit the runways and brands this season. Have a fantastic summer 2022 while looking incredible in the latest fashion jewelry trends that will accentuate your best features. We have chosen a few of our favorite fashion jewelry trends that will make their mark this summer from our lovely T-Bird Jewels showroom.


Layers of necklaces stand out better in your summer clothes than during winter. Vivid gemstones and beads on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings match the bright energy of the season.

Evoke a little burst of excitement with accessories with these vibrant details. Gemstone station necklaces and beaded necklaces are a great way to layer pendants and chokers together for a more complex and intriguing look. The mixed stones on this gemstone necklace by Marco Bicego have irregular shapes and a kaleidoscope of unique and eclectic colors.


Three trends have established themselves this summer: hoops are always a good idea, chains remain on top, and silver is having an edgy comeback. Combine the three, like these silver link hoop earrings by Tacori, and you have an instant modern favorite. A polished punk rock feel of the chunkier silver links with the causal grace of the hoop earrings contrasts perfectly with gold chain necklaces or delicate bangles. Exaggerated hoop earrings are great for the warmer months when you do not have to worry about them getting stuck in your outerwear.


Y2K and 90s fashions are having their moment of popularity in fashion and jewelry. Plastic and chain chokers are hot accessories to wear right now. A diamond choker by Simon G. is an excellent mixture of sophisticated style and fun flair that will sparkle as it frames your face and profile.

These necklaces are easy to wear and compliment many different aesthetics. The brilliance of diamonds elevates this piece, but beads, gemstones, and other materials are also popular to decorate chokers.


This year, summer fashion runways featured many brands with cuff bracelets worn high on the arm around the bicep or forearm. Designers craft beautiful cuffs out of precious metals in beautiful styles.

This intricate rose gold cuff by Lisa Nik is an exquisite example. Easy to wear and close-fitting, these accessories are great for active summer days. Subtle or ornate, cuff bracelets are perfect for warmer weather months when we wear more sleeveless or short-sleeved shirts or dresses. Layer multiple types of bracelets at different intervals with a cuff to top off your look in a fashionable way.


We house the best summer fashion jewelry trends at our T-Bird Jewels showroom. Our home in the Las Vegas community began years ago in the Thunderbird Hotel, but our commitment to the ultimate customer service and quality luxury items has stayed strong and will continue to thrive. We welcome you to visit our superb showroom and meet our professional team, who will be able to assist you in finding exceptional bridal and fashion jewelry along with finely crafted timepieces.

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