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March 20, 2022

There are many types of gemstones out there, each providing its own unique rich color and aesthetic to a beautiful bracelet. Discover a rainbow of hues with T-Bird Jewels.


Bracelets accent every ensemble with their timeless beauty. They come in many shapes — cuffs, chains, bangles — and each is glamorous in its own special way. When elevated with a colorful gemstone, these accessories become even more stylish. Jewels like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and opals have a uniquely vibrant appeal. Their regal appearance is awe-inspiring and captivating to everyone fortunate enough to see them. Our knowledgeable staff at T-Bird Jewels picked out a few colorful bracelets to bring a pop of vibrance to your wardrobe.


For centuries, purple has been associated with royalty. This is largely due to the cost of the dye, which was derived from the rather unseemly act of crushing thousands of mollusks. Queen Elizabeth the First forbade anyone but those associated with the royal family from wearing purple fabric, and it wasn’t until modern chemistry for the dye to reach the hands of everyone. Even still, the color is associated with regal luxury.

This amethyst chain bracelet uses violet quartz to produce a bold and beautiful display. When combined with the sterling silver chain, it is exceedingly sophisticated and appealing.


The warm shades of orange represent joy, warmth, heat, creativity, and determination. That’s why it’s referred to as the “eye of the tiger.” Orange jewelry is likewise exciting by providing a dynamic and warm glow. There are not many gemstones that have this lovely hue, unfortunately. Citrine is the most common and is sometimes confused with a similarly toned topaz.

This 18k yellow gold and citrine bracelet has a fiery pleasant hue that cannot be beaten. The gem is held in a prong setting while the band is made of flawless yellow gold. This lets all the attention be drawn to the stone for a unique and glamorous look.


No colors are more passionate than red. Rubies are likely the best and most popular gemstone for evoking this rich color, as its striking hue is unmistakably red. While there is such a thing as pink and purple rubies, the red variations are still beautifully passionate and romantic.

This ruby and diamond braceletconverges for a fantastic and engaging combination. It is ideal for complementing outfits with a fiery, colorful touch.


Blue is an elegant and calming color, commonly associated with the sea and sky. Until recently, many languages did not have a word for blue, viewing it instead as a lack of color. That may be because it is rarely found in nature besides a few exceptions. Blue jewels portray a calming but sophisticated aesthetic.

This diamond and sapphire bracelet uses the most iconic of blue gemstones, the lively sapphire. This deep blue stone is legendary for its intriguing and attractive color.


At T-Bird Jewels, we strive to ensure that every customer sees their wildest dreams fulfilled. We are proud to serve the legendary city of Las Vegas, Nevada. By offering a diverse array of luxury designer brands, we have something for everyone. We also offer many professional jewelry services like jewelry repair for those in need. Call us at (702) 256-3900 to learn more and make sure to visit our beautiful showroom.

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