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December 10, 2021

Learn how to shop for an exquisite engagement ring at T-Bird Jewels with this expert guide.


It has been decided; it is time to propose. You have discussed marriage with your partner and they have shown an interest. Now it is time to pick out the ring. This part is an adventure. With so many engagement rings out there, it can be overwhelming. This ring is going to stay on their finger for a lifetime and might even stay in the family for longer. It’s important to pick the ring that they will be proud to wear as a testament to your love for each other. T-Bird Jewels can help guide you to a terrific ring.


Ever heard that an engagement ring should cost about three months salary? This was a marketing trip created by De Beers in the 1930s, and is not typically the norm when it comes to jewelry buying anymore. While the average couple spends several thousand dollars on an engagement ring, it is not necessary to do so. Engagement rings can always be replaced over time. If a dream ring is too pricey, a smaller stone can be bought and built upon later. Some jewelers have upgrade policies.


There are two main parts of an engagement ring: the diamond and the setting. After figuring out your budget, find the diamond cut you would like to use. This is because not all settings can be used for all diamonds. If your partner knows their favorite cut, then start there. If you are unsure of what shape diamond you like, then a guide on gem cuts will be useful to learn what style you think looks best.

Most engagement ring diamonds are round cut because they are the most brilliant; however, they also tend to be the most expensive. Marquise and pear cut are more affordable and offer unique sparkle. There is nothing wrong with preferring less popular cuts as they may have other qualities that are more desirable. Emerald cut diamonds show off the diamond’s clarity more due to their long sides, yet are not always the most wanted style of cut.

No matter what diamond you choose to buy, make sure it is certified. Specifically, make sure it is certified by the American Gem Society for the Gemological Institute of America, commonly known as GIA-certified.


Jewelry designers have their own distinct collections and styles. They create beautiful pieces of wearable art out of precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones along with imagination and innovation.

Tacori pieces are known for their eccentric and beautiful designs. This brand creates their products in California from inspiration of the state’s sublime landscapes. Many of their collections evoke natural imagery in some way. Peter Storm uses cutting-edge designs and an innovative approach. Engagement rings from this designer are intricate and ornate with fantastic levels of detail. Choosing a ring depends on the person you love. Just like when you knew it was time to propose, you will know when you have found the perfect ring.


We recommend that you check out a private jeweler like T-Bird Jewels. Our experience and expertise will provide the best retail experience. Let one of our professionals assist you with our custom design services to take your engagement ring to a new level. You can schedule an appointment for personalized care for you or your bridal party that you wish to bring with you. If your dream ring is a designer ring, go to a trunk show or an event at a local jewelry store. Visit one of our gorgeous showrooms while you are in Las Vegas or browse our wonderful selection online.

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