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February 05, 2022

One of the first steps to picking your ideal engagement ring is deciding on the shape of the star of the show: the center stone. Learn more about diamond shapes with T-Bird Jewels.


A variety of diamond shapes allow you to select the ring that perfectly matches your personality and aesthetic. We’ve put together a guide to the most popular diamond shapes among designer engagement rings to help you decide which shape best suits the look you’re searching for.


The round cut is timeless and immensely popular, making up around 75% of all engagement rings sold. These stones are precisely cut with 58 facets, resulting in the most brilliant, light-reflecting shape available on the market.

For those with a proclivity toward a classic, refined aesthetic, the round cut is a perfect center stone option. Perfectly symmetrical and equally glittering from all angles, these diamonds stun in any setting from a pared-back solitaire to a more elaborate halo setting.


Second in popularity, the princess cut is characterized by a square shape consisting of up to 76 flawless facets. From above, the stone has a square or rectangular shape but from the side, it has the silhouette of an inverted pyramid.

Architectural yet feminine, this cut offers a more modern feel than most other shapes. The contrast created by the uniquely shaped facets results in an engagement ring that exudes glamor and luxury.


Similar to the classic round cut, but with a unique edge, the oval cut is sophisticated and elegant. The oval shape offers more continuous surface area, made up usually of about 56 or 57 facets.

The oblong shape of the oval cut is desired by many because of its ability to both make the stone appear larger and elongate the finger of the wear. This modern cut is romantic and distinctive and is steadily becoming more popular among brides-to-be.


The emerald cut is essentially an elongated princess cut, reminiscent of the art deco era. Parallel lines and rectangular facets create a brilliantly modern display of reflected light.

Only 3% of diamonds in the world are cut in this shape, making them the perfect center stone for those who love to stand out from the crowd. Like the oval cut, the emerald makes the fingers of the wearer long and slender, producing a beautifully elegant effect.


Pear shaped diamonds, also known as teardrop, are unique stones that hearken back to Victorian era styles of jewelry. One end of the stone is rounded and the other comes to a clean point. Pear cut stones can be cut to varying degrees of severity, some appearing shorter and slightly more rounded, while others are more elongated and slender.

The pear cut is great for those looking for a dynamic shape that stuns in a solitaire, halo, or side stone setting.


Since our foundation in 1962, it has been our distinct pleasure at T-Bird Jewels to provide high-quality customer service and luxury designer jewelry to the patrons of Las Vegas, Henderson, Las Vegas, and surrounding cities. Our Las Vegas jewelry store is stocked with collections from renowned brands such as Breitling, Marco Bicego, and Simon G.

Our experienced and efficient staff are ever willing to guide you through our inventory of engagement rings, fashion jewelry, timepieces, and more. Schedule an appointment to meet with our team in our pristine showroom today.

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