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February 23, 2024

Before you explore which, order do you wear engagement, wedding, and eternity rings, it is important for you to understand and know that these rings have been around forever, and people have learned to appreciate and adore them. For many couples, the journey usually begins with an engagement ring, then with the exchange of wedding bands in marriage ceremonies, and then the addition of eternity rings after marriage which is kept as a symbol of love and affection for years to come.




The engagement ring as a rule is meant to be the first piece of jewelry each couple receive from each other. As a physical token of the promise to marry, it is customarily given by one partner to the other when an acceptance of grooming or marriage is received.


Engagement rings more often than not are made with a prominent gemstone detail that can be a diamond, expressing the nature of the eternal love while some may also feature smaller accent stones or amazing details on it.


According to the prominent view, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger of one hand that is, a left hand. According to a legend, this finger belonged to the body of one of the veins that went directly to the heart.


Wedding Rings


The typically first step to marriage is that after the exchange of vows and the formalization of marriage, the couples exchange the rings during the marriage ceremony.


Different from elaborate and expensive engagement rings, wedding bands are commonly plain in appearance, usually consisting just of a metal band without any precious gemstones or decorative work. The symbol of eternity is represented by the round shape of the wedding band that binds spouses in an unbreakable band.


A wedding ring along with an engagement ring can be stacked below or above each other. In some cases the wedding band and the engagement ring are joined together to create a ‘bridal set’ by soldering them and in others they are worn separately such which order do you wear engagement, wedding, and eternity rings.




Eternity rings, which became an inseparable part of our vocabulary as infinity rings, are also given to celebrate milestones of a relationship, namely anniversaries or the birth of a child, and those are occasions so significant for a family.


The infinity rings can be worn on any hand side, nevertheless, they are majorly preferable to be worn on the same hand, next to the engagement and wedding rings. The pairing method remains a subject of discussion among lovers: some want to wear the ring closest to the heart, so they put it between the engagement ring and the wedding ring, while others want the eternity band to be a sign ring that they wear on the outermost finger. In addition to either prior or having that symbolism, it represents the eternal love faithfulness and commitment of the couple.




The proper order, if any, of wearing or styling an engagement ring, a wedding ring and an eternity ring is often dictated by cultural and personal customs. The placement is not set in stone though most couples use the setting of heart-to-heart, wedding band, and eternity ring.


Throughout the depiction of that set-up, you will be able to see the development of the couple's relationship from the very beginning through engagement to wedding and also to life-long love. So if you’d like to order a ring for your loved one, connect with us today at TBird Jewels.





Q1. Can I wear an engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger?


Yes, you can wear an engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger if you wish. Traditions say that you can wear the rings in the same place because it helps connect to the heart but others wish to do things differently.


Q2. What finger do you wear an eternity ring on?


If you’re wondering where you should be wearing an eternity ring, then let us tell you that it depends on your choices and preferences. But this ring is commonly worn on the same finger as an engagement ring as well as a wedding ring.




Now that you have gone through the details on which order do you wear engagement, wedding, and eternity rings, and what is the best sequence, the ultimate choice depends on you. And if you wish to place an order for an eternity or a wedding ring, TBird Jewels is here to make your life easier.  


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