14 Day Returns


14 Day Returns

T-Bird Jewels will issue a full return or exchange for any jewelry or watch purchased if returned

in original condition, and not worn within 14 days. Exclusions apply on custom pieces and

special orders. Refunds are issued in accordance with the original payment method.





T-Bird Jewels is a proud authorized Oris retailer! We also proudly

carry Forevermark Diamonds, Tacori, Simon G, Seiko, Norqain, Marco Bicego, Sheryl Lowe, Hulci Belluni..


In Las Vegas since 1962


In Las Vegas since 1962

Family-owned and operated since 1962, founder Mickey Kulwin first opened T-Bird Jewels in the

legendary Thunderbird Hotel. Since 1995, son Darryl Kulwin, has grown and expanded T-Bird

Jewels luxury jewelry store and hosts some of the most exclusive clients in the Las Vegas area.

Custom Jewelry Design

A jeweler filing down a prototype of a custom designed


Custom Jewelry Design Frequently Asked Questions


Creating your own jewelry can seem overwhelming. It involves precious metals and valuable gemstones, after all. Much is on the line. While our experts are skilled and experienced, the custom design process may be daunting. We receive many questions about the subject. To better your understanding, here is a list of some of the most common queries we are asked. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to call us today.


How Does the Process Work?


While the custom design process is complex on our end, it is relatively straightforward for you. First, reserve an appointment with us for a private consultation. You’ll meet with our team of talented goldsmiths and gemologists. With advanced technology like CAD software, we will design jewelry based on your distinct ideas and concepts. Our team will create a wearable wax prototype of the piece. Next, we’ll start working on the jewelry depending on our current orders.


Once it’s done, come in to pick up the piece. You will not only behold a spectacular and unique accessory but also receive documents verifying the piece’s authenticity. This is necessary for insurance and estate matters. They are generally helpful for future endeavors. If they get dirty or damaged in your possession, come back to us for cleaning, maintenance, and repair.


How Long Does it Take?


It’s impossible to determine the exact timeframe a custom piece will take. Some minimalist and straightforward pieces take less time to create, while more ornate and spectacular jewelry has a longer timeframe. Furthermore, we often have multiple clients at once. This means we can have backorders, causing wait times to increase.


The only way to have an accurate estimation is by coming into the store. We’ll be able to gauge the wait time by understanding the project's scope.


Can You Create Any Type of Jewelry?


While engagement rings and wedding bands are by far the most common items we create, our goldsmiths are well-equipped to craft any form of jewelry. Want a sparkling diamond necklace with an unusual dragon pendant? We can do it. Ever desire a pair of white gold earrings with amethysts and sapphires set in a peculiar arrangement? Our creative team would love to help. The only limit is your tastes and preferences.


What if I Want a Custom Piece But Don’t Have Ideas?


If you want a unique accessory to express your individuality but don’t have anything in mind, fret not. We have decades of experience creating and selling jewelry. Before you come in for a consultation, browse our website and check out all the jewelry we have in stock. View pieces with floral styles, modern approaches, precise lines, and vintage boldness. Look at all the many gemstones we have, such as opals, topaz, sapphires, emeralds, and more. This is to get a thorough understanding of what you can request, and spark your creativity.


Once you understand your options, read our many blog posts and educational material explaining terms, showing styles, and examining trends. This can help narrow the search. If that doesn’t help, we have a vast selection of beautiful jewelry worth browsing for inspiration and illustrating how some designs look in person. Our goldsmiths are true artists and masters in their craft and would be more than happy to show you ideas of their own should all else fail.


What Materials Can I Use?


We’re thrilled to have a diverse set of offerings. Here is a list of a few of the marvelous materials we can use to craft your distinctive accessory. Note that we have plenty of other options available. Speak with us if there’s something you have in mind.


  • Precious metals
    • Yellow gold: This iconic material is luxurious, warm, and eye-catching. While all gold is yellow, this term is used to differentiate it from other alloys.
    • White gold: Invented as an alternative to platinum, this gorgeous metal lends a lustrous beauty to all jewelry. This glamorous alloy is made of gold and bright metals like palladium. It is plated with rhodium to create a more spectacular sparkle.
    • Rose gold: This alloy has an enchanting pink-red hue that is truly unmistakable. It comprises copper and gold, making it hypoallergenic for most people.
    • Sterling silver: A classic and timeless precious metal, sterling silver has an elegant and bright hue. 
    • Platinum: Luxurious and valuable beyond compare, platinum is perfect for those who desire the best. Unlike other precious metals, platinum is nearly pure, and thus is naturally strong.


  • Gemstones
    • Diamond: This universally loved and enchanting jewel is remarkable and legendary. A symbol of the elite and high class, everyone is aware and appreciates this most precious gem. Browse 
    • Sapphire: The sapphire is a bold and sophisticated precious gemstone. While most commonly available in deep blue, these stones come in all sorts of colors.
    • Ruby: Passionate and red, rubies are a regal and captivating stone. They are well-illuminated by bright metals like platinum and white gold but evoke something peerlessly spectacular paired with rose and yellow gold.
    • Opal: They are few stones as versatile as opals. These delicate gems feature many hues but showcase the jewel’s signature fiery light display.
    • Pearl: One of the rare natural gemstones, the lustrous sheen of pearls is timeless and classic.


How Expensive is Custom Design?


Custom design can be less expensive than one might assume. Still, we can never give any generalized estimations, as every custom-designed piece is, by definition, completely unique. We’ll give you an estimate at the consultation.


A jeweler inspecting a diamond


Trust T-Bird Jewels for Custom Design Jewelry


T-Bird Jewels is Las Vegas’ most trusted source for custom-designed jewelry. Our talented team has decades of experience and is equipped with top-of-the-line techniques and equipment. Ever since our origins in the Thunderbird Hotel, we’ve been providing this magical city with exquisite accessories by world-known brands. Want to learn more? Call (702) 256-3900 or email Info@TBirdJewels.com for the answers to all your custom-designed questions.

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