14 Day Returns


14 Day Returns

T-Bird Jewels will issue a full return or exchange for any jewelry or watch purchased if returned

in original condition, and not worn within 14 days. Exclusions apply on custom pieces and

special orders. Refunds are issued in accordance with the original payment method.





T-Bird Jewels is a proud authorized Oris retailer! We also proudly

carry Forevermark Diamonds, Tacori, Simon G, Seiko, Norqain, Marco Bicego, Sheryl Lowe, Hulci Belluni..


In Las Vegas since 1962


In Las Vegas since 1962

Family-owned and operated since 1962, founder Mickey Kulwin first opened T-Bird Jewels in the

legendary Thunderbird Hotel. Since 1995, son Darryl Kulwin, has grown and expanded T-Bird

Jewels luxury jewelry store and hosts some of the most exclusive clients in the Las Vegas area.

Natural Vs. Lab-Grown Diamonds

Natural Diamonds Vs. Lab-Created 

While naturally mined and lab-created diamonds are virtually indistinguishable to the eye, they possess many intrinsic differences. When shopping for diamond jewelry, it’s essential to know your options. Knowledge is power, which is especially true for something as important as an engagement ring or wedding band. This guide should help clear up any misconceptions. 


Characteristics of Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds are one of the world’s greatest wonders because of their exquisite appearance and characteristic hardness. Their desirability originates from the extreme conditions by which they are created and transported to the planet’s surface. These precious stones can be up to billions of years old, created when carbon deposits around 100 miles below the earth’s surface are subjected to incredibly high temperatures and pressures. The diamonds that result are then transported upwards by volcanic eruption. Finally, these diamonds can be mined.


How are Lab-Created Diamonds Made?

Scientists, prompted by the increasing rarity of natural diamonds, discovered high-tech methods to grow diamonds. They recreate the extreme conditions that form diamonds in a controlled environment, producing diamonds of identical chemical makeup to natural ones. Even trained gemologists are unable to distinguish between natural and lab-created diamonds. The lab-made stones’ chemical structure allows them just as much brilliance and hardness as any natural diamond. Most lab-grown diamonds are identical, although there are slight differences between them.


What are the Benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds?

It is relatively easy to grow diamonds, making them much more plentiful than their natural-mined counterparts. Since there are more of them, they are less expensive. Those on a budget will appreciate their exquisite beauty at a much more affordable price. For anyone looking for a unique stone, colored diamonds are much more accessible and cost-effective when created in a laboratory. One could potentially spend the same amount on a much larger lab-grown diamond that they might spend on a smaller natural one. This has a downside; lab-grown diamonds have a lower resale value.


Why Choose a Naturally-Mined Diamond?

A mined diamond is a more sensible choice for those who intend to pass down their diamond jewelry through generations. As more valuable stones, they are more meaningful and are more heirloom-worthy. There is also something intrinsically magical about possessing a jewel that was created and transported to the earth’s surface under such fantastical circumstances. Only a finite amount of natural diamonds exist, making these stones quite a romantic gift, symbolizing a one-of-a-kind relationship. Their long life gives them an air of eternity as well.


Which Diamond is Right for You?

Both lab-created and naturally mined diamonds offer unique benefits; therefore, it is essential to consider your priorities when making a diamond jewelry purchase. While lab-grown stones offer a lower price point and are created by sustainable practices, natural diamonds have a much higher resale value and are rare. They are more romantic, coming with a story and symbolism. If you have chosen to go with a natural stone, always ensure the piece you buy was mined through conflict-free practices and a local jeweler authenticates its quality.


Find the Best Diamond Selection at T-Bird Jewels

At T-Bird Jewels, we stock our Las Vegas jewelry store with diamond jewelry of only the highest caliber in both design and composition. We only offer pieces from renowned and respected jewelry designers from around the world. Schedule an appointment to meet with us in our pristine showroom for a personalized consultation or browse our inventory online today. 


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