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Family-owned and operated since 1962, founder Mickey Kulwin first opened T-Bird Jewels in the legendary Thunderbird Hotel. Since 1995, son Darryl Kulwin, has grown and expanded T-Bird Jewels luxury jewelry store and hosts some of the most exclusive clients in the Las Vegas area.

Introducing the Casio G-Shock GBD-H2000-1A9 - a perfect choice for athletes who demand the very best.This sleek black and neon yellow watch is specially designed for modern athletes who take their workouts seriously.The GBD-H2000-1A9 is an advanced fitness tracker and performance monitor and comes equipped with a heart rate monitor, step counter, gyroscope that detects strokes and turns when swimming, GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity.This black and yellow smart watch features an impressive range of outdoor environmental sensors, including an altimeter-barometer, compass, and thermometer.A step up from its predecessor, the GBD-H1000, the GBD-H2000-1A9 new features include blood oxygen measurement, cardio load status, sleep measurement and analysis, sunrise and sunset time display, and moon age data
  • Keeps yourself in time
  • Stable solar power
  • Great for runners
  • Supports training program
  • Construction :
    Shock Resistant
  • Time adjustment :
    GPS signal reception: Manual receive (position information, time information)
  • Power supply and battery life :
    Charging system compatible with dedicated cable (requires device with Type-A USB terminal)
    Solar powered
  • Sensor feature :
    Activities: Multi-sport (running, walking, biking, swimming, others); Calculate and display distance, speed, pace, and other information using GPS or accelerometer; auto/manual lap function; auto pause function
    Training Analysis: Cardio load status
    Activity Log Data: Up to 100 runs with up to 200 laps each, measurement time, distance, pace, running index, calories burned, energy source used, heart rate, maximum heart rate, cardio load, pitch, maximum pitch, stride, altitude gained, number of strokes, SWOLF
    Wrist Heart Rate Measurement (30~220 bpm): Heart rate, target heart rate setting, graphic heart rate zone indication, heart rate graph, maximum heart rate, minimum heart rate
    Sleep Measurement: Sleep recovery status (6 stages), sleep recovery stage display, sleep status (5 stages), sleep score display range (1 to 100, measurement unit: 1), autonomic nerve status (5 stages), ANS score range (-10 to +10, measurement unit: 0.1)
    Blood Oxygen Level Measurement*
    Breathing Exercise: Setting range (2 to 20 minutes in 1-minute increments), biofeedback, zone-specific time summary
    Step Count Measurement: 3-axis acceleration sensor, step count display range (0 to 99999 steps), step count reset: automatic reset at midnight every day
    Active Time Measurement: Special algorithm measures movement time using status analysis (walking, running, biking, undefined)
    Life Log: Step count, step count graph (week, month, 6 months), calories burned measurement, active time measurement
    Floor Elevation Measurement
    Step reminder
    Digital compass:
    Measurement range: 0° to 359°
    16-direction display
    Auto level correction
    Measuring range: -700 to 10,000 m (or -2,300 to 32,800 ft.)
    Display range: -10,000 to 10,000 m (or -32,800 to 32,800 ft.)
    Measuring unit: 1 m (or 5 ft.)
    Measuring interval: 2 minutes/5 seconds
    Altitude differential measurement: -3,000 to 3,000 m (or -9,840 to 9,840 ft.)
    Altitude graph
    Barometric Pressure Measurement:
    Measuring range: 260 to 1,100 hPa (or 7.65 to 32.45 inHg)
    Display range: 260 to 1,100 hPa (or 7.65 to 32.45 inHg)
    Measuring unit: 1 hPa (or 0.05 inHg)
    Auto measurement interval: 2 hours
    Barometric pressure graph
    Barometric pressure change indicator
    Temperature Measurement:
    Measurement range: -10.0 to 60.0℃ (or 14.0 to 140.0℉)
    Display range: -10.0 to 60.0℃ (or 14.0 to 140.0℉)
    Display unit: 0.1℃ (0.2℉)
  • Smartphone Link feature :
    Mobile link (Automatic connection, wireless linking using Bluetooth®)
  • Apps :
  • App connectivity feature :
    Auto time adjustment
    Easy watch setting
    Approximately 300 world time cities
    Notification function (incoming calls, incoming e-mails, new social media posts, calendar notifications, reminders)
    Training analysis data
    Activity history
    Life log data
    Sleep analysis data
    Phone finder
  • Compatible band size :
    145 to 215 mm
  • World time :
    World time
    38 time zones* (38 cities + coordinated universal time), daylight saving on/off, auto summer time (DST) switching
    *May be updated when connected to a smartphone.
  • Moon data :
    Moon data (moon age of the specific data, moon phase)
  • Sunrise/sunset display :
    Sunrise, sunset time display
    Sunrise time and sunset time for specific date
  • Translation missing: