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December 05, 2022

Use this gift guide to find a perfect present from T-Bird Jewels in Las Vegas, Nevada.



T-Bird Jewels is your place to make the holidays better than ever. We have a vast selection of high-end jewelry carefully chosen to cater to Las Vegas’ discerning tastes. From engagement rings perfect for a proposal or luxurious necklaces adept as an accessory, you will find a great gift. Our decades of experience serving this incredible city ensure that we can work with you to find the right piece. No matter how your loved one expresses themselves, they will surely be exhilarated when receiving a present from our sublime inventory. Here are a few of the many designer brands available at our jewelry store on Rampart Boulevard.



This talented brand first started in Antwerp, Belgium. Designed by a woman for women, their jewelry exhibits slender styles and peerless elegance. Delicate metalwork and intricate silhouettes set them apart from other brands. Beautifully wrapped chains and geometric accents define Hulchi Bellun. Many of their pieces strive to achieve a balanced look as per the founder’s emphasis on feng shui. That does not stop Hulchi Bellun from using plenty of dazzling diamonds and precious metals in their luxurious accessories. For a loved one into spirituality, fashion, and understated chic, it is impossible to go wrong with the luxurious gift of Hulchi Bellun.


Alor specializes in fashion jewelry at an affordable price point. This California brand was established in 1979. All of their jewelry has a distinct look shown in their rich textures, contrasting colors, and eccentric designs. Minimalism is an essential feature of most of their collections, including their bracelets and chain necklaces. Because of this, they are ideal for stacking with multiple Alor pieces or other minimalist pieces. Textiles are often paired with precious metals in their collections, creating a stunning aesthetic hard to find elsewhere. Their colorful bracelets are easy to stack and accentuate outfits.


Discover elegance and creativity with Lisa Nik. Their marvelous jewelry balances colorful gemstones and understated forms to evoke a spectacular but refined aesthetic. Bright blue topaz, fashion-forward orange citrine, and high-quality gold are fixtures of this international company. Due to their slim form but enchanting hues, Lisa Nik jewelry is ideal for accenting outfits and adding color to an ensemble. Their jewelry is an excellent choice for those who love color but are not a distraction. Pieces by Lisa Nik have universal appeal, making them a great option for those new to jewelry.


Italian jewelry designers are beloved and admired for their high standards and creativity. Marco Bicego crafts a wide variety of gorgeous jewelry from their home in Vicenza, Italy. They have a distinctively raw, rugged yellow gold look as per their eccentric and wild silhouettes. To show off the metal’s natural color, Marco Bicego uses jewels like topaz amethyst to evoke a plethora of prismatic power. Their collections take inspiration from cultures throughout the world, ensuring that every piece is distinctively glamorous. If you plan to gift jewelry to a fashion-forward individual, a Marco Bicego fine Italian accessory is ideal and unforgettable.


While not everyone knows the name of the brand, many have seen their bold gemstone jewelry on popular television shows. Women in search of a lifelong romance with a single man don themselves with this brand’s glittering and glamorous pieces to make a statement. Brevani’s jewelry is made to pop and demand attention with daring contrast and unusual arrangement. Dual center stones, diamond halos, and playful patterns make their pieces unique and eye-catching. Brevani is a generational family business and takes pride in that fact, ensuring that every piece reflects their experience and tradition.


Specializing in vibrant gemstones, Spark Creations is a New York City-based designer with a proclivity for creating dazzling designs. Charm and luxury are found in equal measure in this brand’s exceptional pieces. They use all sorts of jewels to make unmistakable accessories sure to spruce any ensemble. Match their items with a loved one’s birthstone for a particularly personable present, or find something that reflects their favorite color. Spark Creations often opts for intricate Art Deco-inspired designs as shown in the brand’s dramatic color contrasts and peculiar geometry.


The Los Angeles classic Zeghani is talented, creative, and passionate. Founded by a jeweler with a passion for femininity and glamor, they embody a gorgeous regal feminine energy. All of their pieces exhibit exquisite detail and fearless devotion to artistry in jewelry. Vibrant combinations of gemstones, realistic floral motifs, and spectacular silhouettes enshrine their collections in an air of high-fashion magnificence. It’s hard not to find something suitable for someone among Zeghani’s many enthralling collections, each distinct in style and appearance. Pick this brand for someone who wants something different and expressive.



This iconic, influential brand is among today’s most celebrated creators of engagement rings and wedding bands. Based in California, Tacori has a distinctive aesthetic inspired by nature and vintage styles. The designer also draws a lot of inspiration from Romanian lacework. Their rings have intricate, ornate metalwork that imparts a beautiful, complex chic. They exhibit details like crescents, hidden halos, and inset diamonds. Some even use colorful gemstones like rubies and sapphires for a unique, spectacular edge. You’ll find everything from large spectacular gemstone pave to slender, understated solitaires.


The legendary Simon G. is one of today’s most recognizable brands. This isn’t just marketing: Simon G.’s jewelry collections are beautiful and quaint. They exhibit a wide variety of styles, details, and silhouettes. The brand’s engagement rings are truly fantastic. From vintage-inspired simplicity to eccentric contemporary geometry, there is something for everyone. Twisting floral bands, extravagant split shanks, and even understated solitaires are among the many unforgettable rings in their offerings. For those in search of a special piece to propose with, consider Simon G. They won’t disappoint any soon-to-be spouse.


This family-owned and operated designer is well-known for their exquisite wedding bands and engagement rings. The founder’s own love story is an essential part of the company’s approach to crafting romantic accessories. Their floating diamond bands exhibit a creative and radiant display, while their engagement rings showcase blue sapphires, hidden halos, and more. Slender and sophisticated rings with a contemporary edge give them modern intrigue, as do clean angles and slick surfaces. Find the ultimate in lovely, playful wedding rings from Peter Storm and take part in their story.



One of the few fully independent Swiss watchmakers, Norqain exclusively creates automatic, self-winding timepieces. They have a distinctive, minimalistic aesthetic that makes use of many hues, complications, and materials. Norqain opts for a sporty, outdoors, and casual look in most of their pieces. Their lines are named and inspired by outdoor adventures and excursions. Some feature high-end rubber straps and stainless steel cases for peerless robust survivability, while others offer trendy textile straps and pleasant color designs. Get a Norqain watch for the outdoor adventurer who prefers a wrist-worn companion.


This Japanese watchmaker is among the most innovative in the industry. In 1964, they introduced the quartz movement, which has become the standard power source in most contemporary timepieces. Today, Seiko offers many marvelous watch collections. They exhibit unique design details and breathtaking styles. Fantastic textures on the dial, unusual materials in the case, and state-of-the-art technology are mainstays in the brand’s signature style. They released their Grand Seiko line, which involves an entirely in-house creation process to ensure that every watch meets their high standards. Seiko suits those who prefer a casual but luxurious accessory.


Oris has been one of the world’s preeminent watchmakers since 1904. Always at the forefront of innovation and luxury, it is easy to fall in love with several of their unforgettable timepieces. Today, they strongly focus on integrating sustainable business practices and environmentally conscious technology into their newer models. They incorporate recycled plastic dials into many watches, which evokes a colorful, ethereal aesthetic. Meanwhile, they have a strong commitment to investing in various initiatives throughout the world. Buy an Oris for someone who wants a watch as much as they want a clean planet.


One of the premier German watchmakers, Junghans watches exhibit sublime quality in build, craftsmanship, and beauty. These watches are dressy and formal with high-end leather, marvelous cases, and sapphire crystal glass. Watches by Junghans are stately, impressive, handsome, masculine, and sturdy. Meticulous design and a legendarily strict commitment to quality guarantees that every one of their watches is sure to last. With the right maintenance and care, a Junghans timepiece can become an excellent heirloom. For professionals and serious individuals, a Junghans makes an unforgettable gift.


This holiday season, find all the special people on your list a gorgeous item from our T-Bird Jewels showroom. With a fantastic selection of renowned designers, we are sure that the piece of fine jewelry or well-crafted timepiece you choose for those you love will adore the items for a lifetime. Allow our helpful team to assist with your shopping experience so it is as enjoyable as the gifts will be for the recipients. Visit our Las Vegas jewelry store for an incredible atmosphere to complete all of your holiday shopping, or give us a call at (702) 256-3900 to learn more about our services and selection.

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