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May 05, 2022

Not sure when to buy the wedding bands for your special day? Plan when to look for the symbol of your eternal romance with T-Bird Jewels in Las Vegas.


Weddings take months, if not years, to plan. From the catering to the seating arrangements, there is a nearly endless list of things to get ready for the big day. An important item on this list is purchasing the wedding bands. These ubiquitous, romantic rings are made to be worn all day, every day, forever. According to tradition, wearing the rings starts during the ceremony. However, when exactly should you buy them? Get the timing right for the purchase of your wedding bands with guidance from T-Bird Jewels.


Start looking three to four months before the wedding ceremony. It takes some time to find the perfect wedding band. Make the actual purchase at the six-week mark at the latest. A lot can go wrong when it comes to shipping, resizing, engraving, and so on. The more time you have, the more you can afford delays. Making sure you have the rings for the moment you exchange them is the most important part.


According to tradition, men generally buy the band. But that’s changing. Couples tend to work out their own payment plan based on their lifestyles, beliefs, and financial circumstances. Some couples split the difference, with one buying the engagement ring and the other the wedding bands. Many couples purchase their own jewelry, taking the entire shopping experience into their own hands.


While shopping seems straightforward, it is easy to make mistakes. First, make sure you do not rush. Take some time to check all of the beautiful rings out there. Designers from all over the world take great efforts to create new and exhilarating pieces, so make sure to look at as many as you can.

Doing some precursory research on the internet, such as browsing their inventory online, can give you an idea of what to look for. Note the differences between floral, modern, and vintage designs. Diamond accents like pavé and channel can change a wedding band’s aesthetic significantly.


There are many ways to make a band more distinct, and more special to you and your loved one. An engravement can make a ring more special, personal, and romantic. It can be a quote, a reference, a date, or anything else significant to you both. Whatever it is, putting it on the ring takes time. Make sure you have enough of it when you order.

For the most unique piece, you can even get a custom-designed ring. An expert jeweler guides you through the process of designing your very own engagement ring through state-of-the-art technology. Not all jewelers have the technology and expertise as our T-Bird Jewels team of professionals.


At T-Bird Jewels, you can find the ultimate shopping experience. With a team of trained and skilled jewelry professionals, we can help you find the wedding band of your and your partner’s dreams. In addition to our marvelous selection of wedding rings, we also offer high-end designers of fashion jewelry and luxury timepieces. Our Las Vegas, Nevada showroom is ready and eager to help. Contact us by giving our store a call at (702) 256-3900 if you have any questions.

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